Using Revise-A-Recipe exercises, you are asked to modify recipes to meet specific nutritional goals. For example, in chapter 1 you are given a Steak Salad recipe that is very high in fat, so your job is to change the recipe so it contains less fat. With only three ingredients, the Steak Salad is also not very varied or balanced, so you also have to choose additional ingredients that work together to make a varied, balanced, and attractive salad. You immediately see how the recipe's nutritional values change as ingredients are adjusted or substituted based on the goals of the activity.
Chapter 01
(317) 746-9188
Chapter 02
(215) 803-7835
Chapter 03
(530) 733-1908Revise a Brownie Recipe to Decrease Sugar
Chapter 04
Revise a Grilled Cheese Sandwich to Decrease Fat and Saturated FatRevise a Pizza Recipe to Decrease Fat and Saturated Fat
Chapter 05
Revise a Chili Recipe to Increase Lean Protein and Fiber
Chapter 06
Revise a Steak Salad Recipe to Increase Folate
Chapter 07
Revise a Sandwich Recipe to Increase Iron and Decrease Sodium(905) 298-5719
Chapter 08
Chapter 09
772-333-9312Revise a Meatball Recipe to Decrease Saturated Fat and Increase Fiber
Chapter 10
Revise a Sandwich Recipe to Increase Protein and Decrease Fat
Chapter 11
3104349667Revise a Nachos Recipe to Decrease Sodium and Fat
Chapter 12
phyleRevise a Potato Salad Recipe to Decrease Calories
Chapter 13
interconnectRevise a Fruit Smoothie Recipe to Increase Calcium and Vitamin D